Making a gallery in Ren'Py (visual tutorial)

It's funny how I spent 2 months working intensely on Come For A Drink (CFAD), and then almost forgot everything that I did after releasing the game. Thank you to everyone who have played and left me comments thus far, I am very grateful!

One of the things that I struggled with most from a coding POV was figuring out how to get a Gallery to work with lock/unlocks. From my newbie learnings, I've compiled a more visual tutorial on how you can make your own gallery in Ren'Py on my blog!

TBH the harshest coding truth was realizing that indentation matters in python (cry).

If there's anything else that y'all are interested in seeing unpacked/explained based on what you saw in CFAD, please leave me a comment!

Small note: v2 of the game is up and it has some typo fixes, as well as better audio levelling!

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Link is broken hen, can you fix it please x

Hi there

You can find the tutorial I wrote in 2018 at

I will say that I haven't touched Renpy at all since then (and am still a complete beginner), so not sure if the tutorial still holds up with latest Renpy version.

Good luck with your coding!


I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing this. I've tried following so many tutorials for making an image gallery for Ren'Py and this is the only one that has actually worked.

Awesome, I'm glad it was helpful to you, and you are very welcome!  I had the same experience trying to follow other tutorials and am still shocked I got this to work...

Good luck with your game :)!