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Absolutely fantastic :)!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

Any plans for mac version in the future?

There are both mac and PC versions available on the game page !

Somehow I kept getting the Ending 9 and I can't figure out why.

Do you have something like a guide?

Hi there, there are some hints on this post; I don't officially have a guide, but feel free to respond to this comment again if you want more specific direction afterwards! Essentially all ducks need to be in a row in order to get the appropriate endings...


Any plans for Android version in the future? :)


Gostaria que colocassem uma tradução para português-Brasil (PT-BR)



This was absolutely amazing, I loved it so much!!! <3 Thank you! (it made my little gay heart so happy :'^) )

Hello! Thank you for playing the game, and I'm happy that you enjoyed it :D!

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I really love all aspects of this visual novel. The art? . The music? So soft. The voice? . The various endings??? I LOVE, especially ending 7.

Thank you so much for bringing this game into the world!!

Hi Mei!  I'm beaming and honoured that you enjoyed the game enough to leave such a lovely comment, thank you so much! I'm also glad that you enjoyed ending 7!!!!!! One of my favs as well!!!!!! Thank you for playing, and it is my pleasure to have brought a bit of fun to your day!

Let me start off by saying I adore this game, the art and voice acting are really cute ;w;

but oh man. I cannot for the LIFE of me get the other endings. I got 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9, but can't figure out the rest ;_;


Hi there! Thank you for playing and enjoying the game! Did you want any hints for the other ending? I'm cool to share if you do :)

YEAAAAH that would be so cool!!!! i really wanna see the other endings >:3c also alain best girl


Here are some ~vague~ hints/spoilers!

1. coffee, compliment, avoid job talk, Fung; repeat 3x

5. tea, compliment, avoid job talk, Fung; repeat 3x

6. tea, compliment, avoid job talk, Ceilic; repeat 3x

7. fruity juice, be in the favour of the first 3, but botch the 4th

If ya need less vagueness, please comment here again! Good luck :D a huge they all are, hahahaha

YEAAAAAH COMPLETIONIST RUN BABEY!!!!!!!! I got them all, thanks for your help!!!! And thank u for making this game, I enjoyed it a lot!!

side note fung sounds like mccree and i love it


Nice!! Congrats and thanks for playing through it all!!!!!!! Ahh I went and listened to McCree's voice and I can see what you mean! Fung is voiced by the very talented Bradley Gareth 

I absolutely loveeeddd this game and was really excited to play this with my friend. But it seems like the ending is glitched and no matter what I do i get the same ending. 

 I hope it gets fixed if it is an issue cause I'd love to see the other endings too :o

Hi Barrelcat! 

Thank you for your kind comments, and I'm glad you enjoyed your playthrough! I've had a couple of other folks tell me that they've successfully obtained more than 1 ending; are you using the mac or PC build? I'll play test it on my end again to double check for this glitch/error! Which ending are you landing on over the over again? Is it ending 9? The other possibility is that you may have not chosen the "appropriate" combination of choices during your play through (it's pretty specific), and if you want, I'm happy to give you hints/pointers re: how to get the other endings :)

I use a PC and I do get ending 9.  I've tried a few other choices but I usually still end up at the drink club without the choice of being able to choice a drink, to which I'm sent home and then I receive ending 9. Was not having a choice a part of it? :0  Maybe I just suck at this xD

I put in a screenshot to show you what I mean.

Hi there! It is completely normal to not be able to select the drink on the last visit; the final drink is automatically chosen for you based on the previous selections you made in the game. The game logic was designed this way, so please don't blame yourself!! 

I'm going to post some hints below  (if you want to read them) and hopefully you get to the other endings soon!

  • Hint 1: the choices/selections you make when it's "gym" time have no bearing on the end result; they're there to give you a testing ground to see how the characters react to you; you can easily skip through these.
  • Hint 2: You have to go all-in and choose the same type of drink every time you visit the club, in order to get a character-specific ending, and build rapport with that character exclusively: Fung tends to like to talk about himself, Sunny tends to like to talk about tea, and Ceilic tends to like to talk about what he's thinking. Of course compliments are generally liked by all! You can generally tell based on their reactions, what they like and what they don't like.
  • Hint 3: You need to inception the guy to think/talk about the other guy (if you're hoping for those kinds of endings).

That's all for now :) Happy to reveal more if you are still having difficulties! Thanks for bringing all of this to my attention!


I played through the whole game and had a blast! I laughed a lot, like so much, and the voice acting is great (and a plus for someone like me who has the bad habit of not taking the time to read) I love all of the characters and highly recommend everyone play this game!

I recorded my first run of the game and I hope my reactions shows how much I enjoyed Come for a Drink!

OMG thank you for your comment!! I feel blessed that you took the time to play the game *and* record it for a live play!!!!!!  I'm glad that you enjoyed the game!!!!!! I also appreciate your own self narration for the main character during the video hahaha <3! To be honest I can't pronounce a bunch of the drink names either LOL...