3rd anniversary zine!

Hi all!! Today is CFAD's 3rd anniversary~ to celebrate I made a 12-page zine that is, in essence, auto-bio about me struggling to make this game. Some of the contents may look familiar because of the 2nd anniversary post!

You can either download the PDF, or you can also see all the images in this post.

Thank you and take care :)


ComeForADrink_zine_20210731.pdf 3 MB
Jul 26, 2021

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Thanks for the finest writing of our times.

Haha thank you for reading and enjoying!!

Abhhh this is amazing! I loved reading  about your crazy journey while making this game, I showed it to my friends and they all said that they love your art style, I'll also def read your older comics later

Glad you had fun reading it + sharing with your friends! My comics are over yonder~OLD ART ALERT...

Ceilic (Are you a Knight) https://dirchansky.com/comics/are-you-a-knight and (Struggle) https://dirchansky.com/comics/struggle-ceilic

Fung + Sunny (Tied) https://dirchansky.com/comics/tied